Camping Checklist

Never forget something again



My name is Castle and I spent a large portion of my growing up outside (even though I didn’t do much growing up, I just got older). I wasn’t a hunter or a fisherman, but I am an outdoorsman.

My experience ranges from hiking, backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing, spelunking, and of course camping.

My camping experience came from childhood family vacations, backyard safaris, many years in the Boy Scouts, historical reenactments with a group called “The Voyagers” who roughed it ala Lewis and Clark era trappers, field exercises on the U.S. Government’s dime, and now taking my family camping while teaching my four kids the same skills that my father taught me.

I learned wilderness and street survival tactics from basic training as well three separate police academies.

I am no expert and much of what I know was self-taught after screwing something up, but it is a passion of mine that I have decided to share with strangers. For that reason, this blog is not for you as much as it is for me. Enjoy and let me know if there are topics you would like me to cover, corrections you would like me to make, or cliffs you would like me to jump off of.

Please excuse any writing errors you may come across, I like to write, but I am just a regular guy with no formal training in writing.

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